Pay for Hubstaff with Paypal

Can you pay for Hubstaff with Paypal?


Are you able to pay for a Hubstaff plan with Paypal if you prefer not to use a credit card?


Yes, you can sign up for a Hubstaff monthly or annual subscription plan using PayPal.

Step 1

To sign up for a subscription plan, click here: Simply choose the plan that you would like to be on and you’ll be able to create the subscription in Paypal.

Step 2

Once you choose a subscription plan, you will be taken to the PayPal Checkout page. After your subscription has been created and payment has been confirmed on our end, we will set up your account and you will be all set.

After signing up you may also contact us via When contacting us, please provide the PayPal email address as well as the plan you’ve selected.

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