More Screenshots Add-on

If you are an organization that requires more screenshots than our maximum current limit (3 screenshots every 10 minutes), you can power-up by signing up with our More Screenshots add-on, which allows you to take up to 10x screenshots every 10 minutes.

This add-on can be added to any paid plan.
Requires desktop version 1.6.15. Users on older apps need to update their application to make sure this feature is activated.

Table of contents

Signing up for the add-on

To sign up for the more screenshots add-on, follow these steps:

Step 1

First, navigate to Settings & Policies > Billing > Look for the More screenshots add-on option then click on Add more screenshots.

The pop-over is also available on other pages.

settings and policies billing

Screenshot add on yearly plan

Step 2

Finally, click on the Add More screenshots button. The total charge will change depending on your plan and the payment interval.

The add-on costs:

  1. Monthly billing- $3/user/month
  2. Quarterly billing- $2.75/user/month
  3. Yearly billing- $2.5/user/month

confirm add more screenshots

Once added, you can choose your screenshot options. Instructions on the next section.

Setting up the options

To modify the screenshot frequency settings for all or individual team members, navigate to Settings & Policies > Activity > Features > Screenshot frequency.

  1. Firstly, to change the default setting for all users, click the Default drop-down.
  2. Secondly, to change individual settings, change the setting next to each team member’s name.

screenshot frequency settings


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