Project Membership and Logging Time in Hubstaff

Project Membership and Logging Time

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Is my project membership used to determine which projects I can log time to?


Yes, it determines which projects you see on your dashboard and in the Hubstaff client.

When you open and log into the Hubstaff app, you will see the different projects that you are a member of and can log time to. If you don’t see any projects yet, that either means you haven’t been added to any projects or that the app hasn’t synced with the server yet (it does this every 10 minutes).

You can read more about the no projects message on the Hubstaff app.

But if you’re an owner or a manager of an organization you’ll see all of its projects under “Reports” on the top menu inside your account. ¬†Both the owners and managers of the organization can see all of the projects in the organization regardless of whether they belong to those projects or not.


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