Does Hubstaff support tasks natively?

Question: My request was regarding the creation of simple tasks with no relation whatsoever to Trello (or any other task management tool). When I’m on Hubstaff, once I create a main project, I would like to assign a few « sub projects » or tasks to said main project. Is that something that’s currently doable via

Answer: Right now we only have tasks through specific integration partners like Trello, Asana, etc…  We are building tasks natively into Hubstaff.  Right now when you add tasks into the third party, they sync to Hubstaff automatically.

In order to add tasks you would have to integrate Hubstaff with a third party project management tool. You can integrate with one of the many project management tools that we support and add tasks for each project/department and assign them to your employees so they can track time against those tasks. Here’s our list of supported integrations:

If this is something that won’t work for you, the other option would be to set regular projects and set their names as tasks. Please see the example below:


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