Viewing tasks in Hubstaff for integrated project management tools

Managing tasks is easy, To get to the To-dos, click on To-Dos on the sidebar menu.  You can also navigate to this link to access the to-dos page:

After connecting any of the available integrations to Hubstaff, along with your projects and users on the integration setup, you should be able to see the tasks from your integration flow back to the to-dos page in Hubstaff.

Are you looking to integrate with a project management tool? You can click here to learn more about that.

The To-dos page includes the following options and filters which help you manage tasks effectively:

  1. Projects – select the project which has the required task.
  2. Assignee – select the team member to which a task/to-do was assigned.
  3. Show completed tasks – shows/hides tasks that are marked as complete when the setting is toggled.
  4. Search bar – lets you search for a specific task.
  5. Add a task – when a project is integrated into a third-party application, this button will take you to the integration page where you can add a task.
  6. Details – includes the task names, assignees, due dates, as well as create and update dates synced from the integration.
  7. Integration Settings – this button will take you to your integration’s settings page where you can configure time logging, project tracking, and subtask options (when applicable).

Note: Each task needs to be assigned to a user on your integration page before they could sync back to Hubstaff.

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