Hubstaff Annual Plans

Hubstaff annual plans are an excellent way to save money. You’ll get two free months (a 16% discount) when you purchase an annual plan, and you can still change team sizes at any time.

Step 1

To select an annual plan, click on your organization name located on the top right corner of your web dashboard then  click on Organizations menu.

Click on Choose plan next to the organization name.

If you are on a plan currently and you want to change it, click on the Actions dropdown next to your organization. Then select Manage billing.

You’ll be taken to your Billing page, where you can change plans, view or change your credit card, and have quick access to your billing history.

Step 2

Click the Annual button to reveal the annual plans and see prices based on team size:

Step 3

You’ll see 4 columns – the Free plan, Basic plan, Premium plan, and the Enterprise plan. Click the Choose a plan button under the plan you wish to subscribe to and you’ll see all the available team sizes for each tier:

Please see here for the difference between basic and premium plans. Simply select a team size and you’ll be all set with an annual plan!

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