How to Upgrade to Premium Plans

Upgrade to Premium Plans

If you want to use the premium features you can select a premium from the organizations plan page.

Step 1

To upgrade to premium plans, simply click on Organizations the left sidebar, click on the Actions dropdown next to your organization. Then click on Manage billing.


You’ll be taken to your Billing page, where you can change plans, view or change your credit card and quick access to your billing history.

billing tab-change plan


You can also access the billing page by clicking on your avatar photo on the bottom-left corner, then on Plans & Billing > Choose plan. 


Step 2

On your billing page, you’ll see two columns – the basic plans on the left and the premium plans on the right. Click on “Choose a Premium Plan” to see the different team sizes.

Step 3

Next, you can click on the “Choose a plan” button next to the premium plan of choice in the window that follows:

Both basic and premium plans include:

  • Time Tracking
  • Screenshots
  • Keyboard & Mouse Activity
  • Employee Payments
  • 24/7 Support
  • Per User Settings
  • 1 Integrations

The premium plans include:

Everything in the basic plans, PLUS:

  • App and URL Tracking
  • Weekly budgets and time limits
  • Automatic payroll
  • Multiple integrations
  • Keep idle time setting
  • Locations (coming very soon)

If you currently have a Hubstaff plan, selecting a premium plan won’t interrupt your service. You’ll automatically receive a pro-rated refund for any time not used in your current plan and start a new bill date when you select the plan.

Once you’ve upgraded your plan, you’ll have access to all of Hubstaff’s powerful new features. You’ll also see your new plan type reflected.

Learn more about the Premium Plan features >>

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