How to reset 2FA

How to reset 2FA

In case your team members lose the device they use for 2FA or for any reason don’t have access to their authentication method, you (as the organization owner) can opt to reset 2FA by following these instructions:

Only organization owners have access to reset two factor authentication, if you are a manager or user, please contact the organization owner directly.

Step 1

First, navigate to Settings & Policies > General.

settings and policies general

Step 2

Next, navigate to Security & Login > Two-factor authentication.


Step 3

Next to the member’s name, under the Manage column, click the Reset button.

reset 2fa

Step 4

The confirm reset dialog box will appear. Click the Reset 2FA for member button to confirm.

confirm reset 2fa

Step 5

After resetting 2FA, the user will be asked to setup 2FA when they login.

2FA reset login

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