Edit Membership in your Hubstaff organization

We created different user roles to match the levels of privileges typically found in businesses. Roles determine what information each member on your account is able to see. That way members are only able to view their own information and prevents them from viewing other users activity without the permission from an owner or organization manager.

Member roles can be easily edited on the Members page. Roles can be upgraded to Manager or Owner, or downgraded to User.

What roles are available in Hubstaff?

The roles available in Hubstaff are as follows:

  • Owner– The owner has control over the entire organization, and ownership over all administrative features. If you want a user to have complete control over the organization, you would make them an owner.
  • Manager– Managers on the organization are able to invite new team members, create projects, add and remove users from projects, and view all time tracked and activities (screenshots, activity levels, and apps & URLs). Managers can see their own pay rates, but not the pay rates of other users.
  • User– The user is your worker. They can only see their own time data. They aren’t able to see other users on the organization’s details or pay rates, and they aren’t able to see projects that they aren’t members of.

For a more detailed guide on what access each member role has, please see our User/Role Permissions Guide here.

How to change Member roles in Hubstaff?

Step 1

Click on the Members tab on the left sidebar. Then, select the role tab against the relevant team member to reveal the drop down menu.

Step 2

Select their new role from the options available.

Step 3

Once the new role is selected it will be automatically implemented and saved.

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