Fixing SSL issues on project management integrations

Our software validates SSL certificates when connecting to 3rd party sites that use SSL.  If your SSL certificate is incorrectly configured you will receive an error trying to set up or enable an integration.  The reasons this could occur are:

  1. Using a self-signed certificate
  2. Using expired certificate
  3. Not having the correct intermediate certificates configured in your server
  4. Having the incorrect certificate hostname

One simple way to test that your SSL certificate is setup is to use SSL Lab’s SSL Test (  This service will validate that your certificate is correctly configured and also check that your server is set up securely.  You need to ensure that a rating of “A” or better is returned in order for Hubstaff to connect to your server.

Getting a free SSL certificate

You can get free SSL certificates by using a service like Let’s Encrypt.

Teamwork Projects and custom domains

Teamwork Projects by default provides SSL for their main site… (e.g. ). However, if you set up a custom domain (e.g. you need to ensure that you set up SSL correctly, as the teamwork SSL certificate will not work for your custom domain. Teamwork has documentation on how to correctly set this up here.

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