Enabling time logging/tracking support in integrations

Most of our integrations allow time entries to be posted directly to the project management account. What this means is that time tracked on tasks, tickets, issues, etc., through Hubstaff is automatically synced with the third-party website. However, in order for the time write-back or logging feature to work properly, some integrations need to have time tracking enabled within the third-party account settings.

That being said, we implemented a feature for the integrations listed below that detects if a specific setup of an integration supports time tracking. And if it doesn’t, it will auto-disable the time logging portion and email the owner(s) to let them know they need to fix their third-party account configuration before it is enabled.

The settings are defined as follows:

  • Off – Does not sync time back to the integration.
  • On complete– Syncs back time when a task is completed (this is NOT supported by all integrations).
  • Daily– Syncs back time daily at 12:00 am UTC.
  • Hourly– Syncs back time every hour.
  • Delayed– Delays your syncing time by a day. This gives the users the opportunity to make manual adjustments on their timesheets before the time syncs to the 3rd party integration.

For detailed instructions on how to make sure if an integration setup has time tracking enabled, please click the link that corresponds to your third-party account:

  1. Open System Settings.
  2. Click Edit Time and Expense Settings.
  3. Set Track Time and Expenses to ON.
  1. Choose Administration (jira) > Issues.
  2.  Select Issue Features > Time Tracking to open the Time Tracking page.
  3. Click the ‘Activate‘ button to turn time tracking ON.

jira time tracking enabled 2

Time tracking is only available on Premier accounts. Learn More

Time tracking is a standard module of Redmine and can be enabled/disabled for each project in the Modules section of the new project form, or the Settings tab of an existing project.

  1. Click Projects -> choose a project
  2. Click the Project settings icon (top-right)
  3. Under the Project Features section, make sure “Time” is enabled.

The Timesheets option is only available on “Premium” and “Enterprise” editions of Zoho Projects. The portal owner is the only person who can upgrade the account. Learn More 

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