Viewing data reports on the iOS Dashboard

iOS Dashboard (Team view)

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How do I get to the Dashboard Team view?

Step 1

Tap on the menu icon on the upper left hand corner.


Step 2

You will see several options,  tap on Dashboard.


In the iOS app dashboard, clicking on the Team tab gives you a whole overview of the following:

  1. Organization’s name, total logged hours for the day, of the week and total amount spent.
  2. All the members of the organization, the tasks they are assigned to, their individual logged hours and its corresponding amount, including the last time they were online.
  3. List of the projects and tasks the team members are working on, the number of hours put in by them and their corresponding spent amounts.

The Team tab only shows all the projects you can manage/view. Please see Data that User Roles Can See for more details.

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