Can’t find my desktop client/application (Windows, Linux, OS X)

You should only have to sign-in to the desktop application once; no need to sign-in every time you run the application or reboot your computer. However you would have to search and run Hubstaff each time you reboot your computer, unless you have the desktop application set to autostart on system start-up. If you’d like to set it that way, please follow these steps:

  1. Search for Hubstaff in your computer and run the desktop app.
  2. Access the desktop app’s menu > “Preferences” > “Automatically start Hubstaff.

If for some reason you’re unable to find the desktop application anywhere on the desktop, please see if you find Hubstaff’s icon in the system tray. If the icon is present, you should be able to click the icon, then click “Show timer”.

Check out the examples below based on the OS that you’re currently using:


Step 1

Look for Hubstaff in the menu bar (lower-right corner), right-click the Hubstaff icon then click “Open Timer”:

Desktop app - open timer windows

Step 2

Automatically start Hubstaff:

Step 3

If the app is closed and you can’t find it on the system tray, please do a search for “Hubstaff” in your windows computer and save a shortcut to your desktop for faster access in the future.

Also, you can go to “Program files” > “Hubstaff”, right-click the HubstaffClient.exe file then click “Create Shortcut” to save it to your desktop .


Step 1

No need to install Hubstaff each time you turn the computer on/off. You should be able to do a search for Hubstaff in your Linux machine and open the application. Please have look at this example:

Step 2

You can also have the desktop app open on system startup. That way you’ll have it readily accessible every time you restart the computer.

Desktop autostart - Linux


Step 1

To search for the desktop application, you may press Command + Space bar > type Hubstaff on spotlight or open a finder window then go to your applications folder and search for Hubstaff. Once open you should see the timer on your menu bar. You may also save the app to your dock by dragging it there.


You could also have the desktop application auto-start each time you boot the computer.

Please follow these steps:

  1. Search and open Hubstaff
  2. Access the desktop app’s menu (upper-right hand corner) > “Preferences” > “Automatically start Hubstaff. Please see this example:
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