Automated Updates

Unattended Installation on Linux and Windows

On most administrator-managed enterprise systems, users are unable to install the Hubstaff application as they won’t have enough permissions to do so.

System administrators can perform unattended/silent installations by following this guide:

Automatic updates/installations are not allowed on OSX.


<installer path> /S


C:\downloads\Hubstaff-1.5.2-f3657dd.exe /S



<installer path> --S


usr/local/downloads/ --S


For Linux: if a non-standard install path is used then the installer needs to be given that new location via –destination=<install path>.

This will upgrade the existing install, or install it for the first time in the default location (For example: C:\Program Files\Hubstaff on Windows)

Hubstaff must be shutdown prior to running the installer since the installer cannot shutdown Hubstaff automatically.

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