Why I can’t add more members?


How do we add additional members? Right now it says it’s at its limit and we need to add another.


The reason you can’t add more members is because you have reached the maximum amount of users in your plan.  Organizations are structured as separate companies.  In order to add more users, you will need to select a subscription plan for the amount of users that you are going to have within your organization.

You can do this by following these steps:

Step 1

Click on Settings on the sidebar menu, then click the Billing button.

Step 2

On the Billing page, you can see your current plan as well as click on Change plan to select one that will allow for more members

You can click Choose a Basic Plan or Choose a Premium Plan and you will see the available plans to choose from. You can also toggle the selection to choose Monthly or Annual plans (2 months free or 16% off)

Step 3

After that, you should be able to add new members by navigating to Members then click the Invite Member button:

For more information, please see this article explaining subscription plans and billing on Hubstaff.


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