How to send a payment via Payroll manually?

If you would like to pay an outstanding balance for a worker, all you have to do is go to your “Payments tab“, filter only the team members you wish to pay, choose a custom date that includes the unpaid hours then click “Make payment”.

Step 1

Click “Payments” on the left menu.


Step 2

Pick a date or date range from the date selector.

Step 3

  1. Filter by project and/or user if necessary.
  2. Check the unpaid hours and unpaid amount.
  3. Click the “Make payment” button when you are ready.

Step 4

Click confirm in the window that pops up, then you’ll see the different payment options. Select the payment option of your choice.
The bottom row of payment options will send actual funds, while the top row of payment icons will simply mark the time as paid in Hubstaff and allow you to export a report.

Please make sure Payroll is “enabled” for the members who you’ll be paying. Click here to learn more.
For frequently asked questions regarding our payroll feature, please refer here.

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