Hubstaff Annual Plans

Hubstaff annual plans are an excellent way to save money. You get two free months (a 16% discount) when you purchase an annual plan, and you can still change team sizes at any time.

Step 1

To select an annual plan, simply click on “Organizations” on the sidebar menu.

Step 2

Next, click “Choose plan” (if you don’t have a plan) or “Change plan” (if you’re already on a plan) next to the organization on the right side.


Step 3

Then click the “Annual” button on the top-right corner to reveal the annual plans and see prices based on team size:

Step 4

You’ll see two columns – the basic plans on the left and the premium plans on the right. Click either the green or the blue button and you’ll see all the available team sizes for each tier:

Please see here for the difference between basic and premium plans. Simply select a team size and you’ll be all set with an annual plan!

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