How can I add, delete or edit time manually?

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Daily Timesheets

Weekly Timesheets

Calendar Timesheets

Settings that allow your organization to control who can add time and who cannot​

Adding time manually for daily Timesheets

You can add and delete time manually clicking on the Daily Timesheets page. Simply filter to the specific user and click the “Add Time” button as seen below.

Next you need to add a timelog. After you click the “add time” button, a modal box will have appeared.  This is where you will add your time entries or change the project time was tracked to.


Note that Project, Start time, End time, and a Reason are all required fields. When done, simply click “save”.

You have now made your time entry, and you’ll see it displayed on the “my time” page.  It will look like this:


Deleting and Editing time manually for Daily Timesheets

You’ll be able to delete or edit that timelog at any time via the Daily Timesheets page.  To do this, you’ll just need to click the “Actions” box next to that span of time, and select the appropriate action from the list that appears.

Edit Daily Time

After you’ve added a timelog, it will immediately be reflected on the activities page.

Manual Time Indicator

And it will also appear on the reports page.  Note that time added manually is recorded with 0% activity associated.

No Activity Report

Adding time manually for Weekly Timesheets

You’ll now have the ability to view your team’s work logs over the full weekly period under a single report, and add time to each day as necessary.  To get started, you’ll just need to click on the Timesheets section of the left sidebar, and select the Weekly option from the list that appear beneath it. On the following page, you’ll be able to filter to the specific user, and then click the “Add Time” button to manually input the time and date, or click on the box under the specific day to add time directly to that date.

Add Time Weekly

You’ll receive a window to enter your timelog details identical to the one you’d receive when entering a timelog from the Daily Timesheets section.

Deleting and Editing time manually for Weekly Timesheets

Editing or deleting time via the Weekly Timesheets page is very simple!  To do so, you’ll just need to click on the time under the specific day that you’d like to modify.  A small window will expand from the time field which will list each individual sequence of time tracked that day. You can click the “Edit” or “Delete” icon directly next to the corresponding time span to make the change.


Adding time manually in the Calendar

With our new Calendar timesheet, you’ll be able to scroll through and view your daily work over a week period, broken down into hourly increments.  As with our other timesheet pages, you’ll also be able to Add or Modify time from here!

To do that, you’ll just need to click on the Timesheets section of the left sidebar, and select the Calendar option from the list that appear beneath it.  Then, you can either click the “Add time button towards the top-right, or click the specific time frame you’d like to add your time to.



You’ll then receive a window to enter your time log details identical to the one you’d receive when entering a timelog from the previous Timesheet sections.

Deleting and Editing time manually in the Calendar

Similarly to the Weekly timesheet page, in order to delete or modify time entries on the Calendar timesheet, you’ll just need to click on that specific entry.  A module will appear with the “Delete” and “Modify” buttons, which you can click as needed.



Manual time entry settings

You can edit which team members can add, edit and delete time entries manually.  To do this, just filter to the specific organization, and click on “Settings” in the left sidebar.  You’ll be brought directly to the Modify Time settings page, where you can change the organization default (effecting all users), or apply individual settings to specific users by clicking the option next to their name.

Manual Time FAQ

Q: Will adding manual time overwrite time logs that currently exist.

A: Yes. Manual time entries will overwrite any previous manual time or automatic time that was tracked. Hubstaff will warn you before the changes are saved. Once you overwrite a timelog is it NOT recoverable

Q: Can I add time for two projects during the same timespan?

A: No. Hubstaff will only allow you to work on one project during the same 10 minute interval.

Q: Will manual time added show on the activities page and the reports page?

A: Yes. Manual time logs will show up throughout the rest of Hubstaff, including on the reports page and the activities page.

Q: Can I add or delete manual time for others?

A: Yes. Organization owners/managers can add or delete time for others.

Q: How do I adjust which members of my team can add manual time and which members cannot?

A: There is a setting called “Modify Time” in the settings of your main organization. You can adjust these settings there.

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