How to change organization and project roles

You can change the organization and project role by navigating to your “Members” page. Make sure you have selected the correct organization on the top right corner of the page.

Edit Project Memberships and Roles

You will see the “Role” column. That allows you to change the user’s role at the organization level. Now to change the role on the project level click “edit” on the “Projects” column.Members - organization and project roles

Project roles can also be changed from the “Projects” page. Simply click on the project that you want to edit the user roles for.


Then click on the “Edit members” button to change the project roles.

Projects > Edit members (button)

Next, you will see a dialogue where you should be able to assign/re-assign members to the project and change their roles. You are allowed to type the member’s name in the text boxes, select/deselect all, click the “x” next to a member to remove project membership and even drag & drop the members across the different roles. Here’s what the “Add project” dialogue looks like.

Edit project memberships


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